3 Reasons I Love My Boyfriend

Thank you for being our rock.

You may not think I am watching or paying attention and I know I am terrible at saying thank you. From going through my pregnancy till the present time, you have been the best! I want you to know that these moments are what makes you the rock to our family.


1. You are patient.

My pregnancy with our daughter was awful. I wasn’t able to experience the happy, relaxing and carefree-eating pregnancy that majority of women had. I suffered from nausea and heartburn through the entire 9 months. I dealt with chronic pain with my gallbladder. I was restricted to an unfair bland diet. I cried every day over the new changes with my body and worried about the money hurdles that we would endure after our daughter would be born. I would question every day if we were making the right decisions, but every time with your kindness and patience you reassured me that everything would be fine.

2. You kiss us every morning.

We live in a time where life is moving so fast and our work-life demands 10 to 12 hours of our day. There is nothing I love more than Rei and I receiving kisses of encouragement from you every morning, even before Rei was born. You would wake up every day at 6 am, kiss my growing belly, and be out the door at 7 pm sharp. You have yet to skip out on telling us to "Have a great day! Be safe and do something incredible.”

3. You tell us we are doing a good job.

We were at the early stages of dating and wasn't ready to have children. I especially wasn’t ready at 24 and JUST have graduated from college.

Just like you, I felt unprepared, but we had to get ready. Once Rei was born, we became overwhelmed with the new demands of a baby and the financial burden. Parenthood didn't come with a new promotion or raise. I wasn’t sure if staying home from work for 5 months was helping or hurting us, but we wanted to do what was best for our daughter. Fast-forward to now, working full time, parenting and running a household along with entertaining guests. I felt like we needed to be perfect this perfect family with all our ducks in a row, but we couldn’t be that and that was okay.

It means a lot when you tell me we are doing our best as parents and towards one another other as human beings. This new parenting stage is all about enjoying the incredible moments and you make that easy for us to enjoy. For all the times I forget to say it, thank you for being you. Thank you for your tender love and patience. Thank you for being our rock.



Safia Alice

Digital Marketer