42 Ways To Bring Out Your Creativity

How do you fuel your creativity? Do you paint on a canvas or create music in your spare time? Do you like to draw or go for a run to be inspired? If I had one advice to give to you… it would be to keep creating.

Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture. — Ken Robinson

Growing up I was always creating and surrounding myself with colors.

Throughout school, whenever I was given the opportunity to be creative with free-range, I took the opportunity. Of course, the idea of creating has changed over the last 20 years.

Millennials spend hours in a day consuming digital content. Creativity is no longer just in books, canvas, and music, but its everywhere for us to experience. It’s in the form of tweets, Instagram posts, Snapchats, Youtube; the list just goes on.

I get inspired by many things in my personal life. I like to review videos on Vimeo, swipe through travel Instagrams, visit someplace new, cook a recipe from Pinterest, and create new graphic designs in Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Create an inspiration board

  2. Travel more(even if it’s just around your neighborhood)

  3. Talk to people

  4. Learn a new skill

  5. Read a book

  6. Watch films

  7. Question things

  8. Take risks!

  9. Visit an art museum

  10. Be Curious

  11. Make lists of your ideas and thoughts

  12. Get away from technology

  13. Try free writing

  14. Carry a notepad everywhere

  15. Sing in the shower

  16. Listen to new music

  17. Surround yourself with creative people

  18. Take risks

  19. Read a page from the dictionary

  20. Write down your ideas

  21. Watch a creative Ted Talk

  22. Draw or doodle for fun

  23. Go on a walk

  24. Get an adult coloring book

  25. Pick up a new hobby

  26. Be open minded

  27. Spend time with nature

  28. Clean your desk or workspace

  29. Get lots of rest

  30. Drink your favorite coffee or tea

  31. Watch a foreign film

  32. Learn more about your family history

  33. Get feedback

  34. Allow yourself to make mistakes

  35. Do more of what makes you happy

  36. Finish something

  37. Complete a puzzle

  38. Collaborate with a friend, peer, or co-worker

  39. Create a creative marketing plan for a side hustle

  40. Take candid photos

  41. Paint on a canvas

  42. Plan a new hairstyle

Overall, creativity is one of the most important elements to living your life. Creativity is our imagination coming to life. It keeps that child within us forever inspired and motivated to think outside the box. It's our way of communicating our voices and the stories in our heads. Creativity keeps us going and shows us how truly unique we are. Creating turns into innovations, which turns into great ideas. you can't always wait for inspiration to strike. You have to stay curious.


Photo by tanialee gonzalez on Unsplash

Safia Alice

Digital Marketer