#Blogher18 Creators Summit Amplifying Inspiration and Women Empowerment.

If there was one word for me to describe #BlogHer18 Creators summit, it would be empowering! This year’s #BlogHer18 was held in New York City at the Pier17 for two days. There were panels, keynotes, classes, and amazing sponsors throughout the event. 

For me, the summit started with the Shameless Walk with Vagisil where I was able to connect with new founded friends and to learn more about Vagisil business mission for women. 

As the days progressed, I found myself having amazing conversations with women from all walks of life. I met an inspiring girl boss named Sajani, who opened a coworking space in Sri Lanka. I met Beverly who is intelligent, so wise in the real estate sector, and a fashionista! So many incredible women of all ages, backgrounds, and industries. 

The keynotes, panels, and masterclasses were outstanding! The sponsors and brands presented were so welcoming and excited to be there just as me. 


My Favorite Quotes and Takeaways:


Marie Forleo 

“Everything is figureoutable”

“Let the full you come to the table”

“Clarity comes from engagement, not thought” 

“Get physical to tap into yourself” 

“ Consistency is everything”



Gabrielle Union

“Normalize conversations on women health”

“Be choosey”

“Invest and ask questions”

“Great ideas will always have more suitors”

“Never feel lucky. THEY are lucky"



Evan Sharp

“Be yourself, not your ‘selfie’”



Uzo Aduba 

“Until every single person is being treated the exact same, no one here is safe” #representationmatters

“If we are fighting for one single person issue but not fighting for all issues holistically, any advances that you have are limited and short term.”

"My fight is your fight, is the point of intersectionality."

“There’s always been this myth and this idea that women don’t know how to work and serve together. And I think what I really see articulated through the experience of Times Up is how untrue that really is.”



Maria Menounos

“Success is being healthy and happy and living your passion and true self"



Angie Thomas

“No woman - no black woman - who has changed history has done so in a ‘nice ’way. They all got in trouble when they did it.”



Jessica Alba

“When you start from the bottom there's nowhere to go but up. So it gave me a fearlessness.”

  • Diverse people create diverse content

  • Body representation matters

  • Empowering women to embrace and celebrate their own true beauty

  • Ask “ What can I do for you?”

  • God provides anyway

  • Be Authentic

  • Success is uniquely built

  • Truly understand what your audience really needs and how they are interacting with you. Consistency is also really important - that's when you start to see conversion go up.

  • Love is what connects all of us

  • Fight like your life depends on it because it does

I look forward to attending #Blogher19 Health in January!

Safia Alice

Digital Marketer