5 Ways to Combat the Facebook Algorithm

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Is your Facebook News Feed Looking a bit different? Maybe you posted about your latest product or music single and you barely got ANY engagement as normal. Maybe you are seeing more posts from your friends and family than from your favorite coffee shop or industry influencers. Mark Zuckerberg made this announcement on January 11, 2018, discussing the current stance of Facebook.

(   https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10104413015393571   )

According to research performed by Facebook and partnering universities, we use social media to connect with people because it brings positive effects to our happiness and health. Facebook is wanting to revert from helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.

What does that mean exactly? Get ready to see more from your friends, family, and groups.

So, if you are a business, personal brand, or marketer - what does this mean for you and how do you combat this change?

What this change means for Pages and public content is that over time, you will see a decrease in reach, video watch time, and referral traffic.

1 - If you want your followers to see more of your posts on your business page. Request your followers to choose "See First" in the News Feed Preferences so that they can continue seeing posts and not miss a thing from their favorite Page.

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2 - To play the “game” of the Facebook Algorithm, use that Facebook LIVE button! Facebook LIVE often lead to discussions among viewers AND that is what Facebook wants - more conversations. Want extra brownie points? Let your followers know when they can expect you to go LIVE.

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3 - If you are a physical business, post public content into local Facebook Groups. Connect with these communities about posting relevant updates, events, and news about your business. Engage, participate, and just be present! Posting in Facebook Groups can help develop engaging conversations.

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4 - Be human and conversational. Tell a story about your business or product. Don’t use “Engagement-bait” which are posts that include like and share. Using such wording will demote your page.

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5 - Create Facebook Ads and develop a Messenger Bot to engage with your followers.

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Remember don’t quit… social media was originally created for making personal connections.

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Safia Alice

Digital Marketer