10 Effective Ways To Use Instagram Stories

About 15 million business and personal brands use Instagram worldwide to share content about the ins and outs of their business. But if you are like me, you only really use Instagram to blog, browse or to connect with your best friends. People want avenues to share everything about their lives and vice versa.

Instagram Stories was introduced to the world last year of August. This feature allows you to share all the moments of your day by snapping pictures, Boomerang, or by using video content. As you upload your content Instagram stitches them together, creating a slideshow of "your story."

With Instagram Stories, you can share as much as you want with no limitations or repercussions. You can doodle, add texts or place stickers on your content to give it more context. The photos and video that you add to your Instagram Story will only stay active in the feed for 24 hours before it disappears completely. 

At the top of your Instagram feed, you will find stories from people you follow. You will find your friends and any favorite accounts Instagram Stories feed at the top. Instagram has also allowed app users to go LIVE and talk to their followers in real-time.

But, today I want to share 10 effective ways you can spice your own person Instagram story up!

1. Go behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes and share what you do on the daily. Is your sorority is having a fundraiser or is your cheer squad is talking about the next game routine? Share that fun stuff with your Instagram Audience.

2. Create tutorials

Do you receive a lot of compliments on your hair, makeup or on your awesome Instagram photography? Share with your friends and audience on how to get similar results by developing quick how-to tutorials. If you're a makeup artist who makes Youtube videos, you can do the same by developing an Instagram Story sequence.

3. Promote your personal work

Most of us reading this right now may be videographers, photographers or even bloggers. Share that great content you developed in your story.

4. List out your favorite things

Do you have favorite movies list or favorite boy band? Screenshot the photos and upload them by 1,2,3. This is a great way to get your followers attention by also getting them to share their own feedback.

5. Giveaway something

Do you paint or draw as a hobby? Do you share your work on Instagram and find people asking for replicated work? Have a giveaway or contest. Even do an Instagram Stories LIVE to get people excited.

6. Share fun facts

Are you a nerd for some fun facts? Share that stuff too!

7. Share quotes

Share your favorite quotes from industry influencers or favorite celebrities.

8. Inspire someone

Take 5 minutes aside and go LIVE on Instagram Stories. Talk about a life lesson you may have learned from or share a story about some else that inspired you in some way.

9. Story Takeovers

If you are comfortable, let someone else who is doing something you find cool and interesting takeover your Instagram Stories for a couple of hours and for a day.

10. Share announcements, updates, or news

Instagram should also be a place to share the great news. Maybe you are graduating, got your first post-grad job or your first new car. Let people know, people love to celebrate your accomplishments in life.

Instagram Stories is meant to connect and share the amazing moments of your life. Get creative and try out one of this ideas to spice up your own story. Happy Instagramming!

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Safia Alice

Digital Marketer