My Favorite Organizational Tool for Our Family!

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Has life's day to day chaos left you longing for more balance? I have been there, I know with our family from social events to doctor appointments, it can get hectic! 

Thankfully I found a tool that has helps bring clarity to that chaos. The Day Designer has helped us regain balance, focus, and productivity in our lives. 

Every Sunday, my boyfriend and I sit down to discuss what we have going on for each week. Like what time is gym time? Who is dropping/picking up our daughter from school? Who has upcoming delivery packages needing signing? Who has to attend a social engagement? Who has a health appointment?

Sounds crazy, but talking it out and logging everything brings understanding to daily routines.  

It's not only for families, but students, influencers, and career professionals can really benefit from this planner. I personally stand behind The Day Designer 100% for our family, business, and life! 

Learn more about how The Day Designer can transform your life! 

Safia Alice

Digital Marketer